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To philanthropists and would be well wishers we urge and request you come forward magnanimously and donate generously for this noble cause. We like to gently remind you that, we quote:

"Once in life, do fall in love,
Not necessarily with a person,
But with an IDEA, a DREAM, an AMBITION
More often it will be a REASON to wake up with a SMILE".

Mohandas K. Gandhi adopted African community development ideals as a basis of his South African Ashram, and then introduced it as a part of the Indian Swaraj movement, aiming at establishing economic interdependence at village level throughout India. We intend to do the same thing.

It is a Registered Society under Provisions of the Societies Registration Act 1860 with of 2013 by District Registrar,Chittoor on 28/10.Our Trust is Know eligible for exemption under 80G of ITI 1961

About Us

This charitable foundation originally started by Mr. Ramamurthy in memory of his deceased young daughter, aged 18 and because of cancer.


Social work bases its methodology on a systematic body of evidence-based knowledge derived from research and practice evaluation, including local and indigenous knowledge specific to its context.


The vision of Ravathi Foundation is to identify existing schools across India to cater to needs of the economically backward classes.


“Revathi Foundation is doing an excellent social service to the poor people and the student community in Chittoor district and especially in Kuppam Constituency."

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“Permanent departure of a beloved ever creates unfathomed vacuum to anyone. The intensity of sorrow would be unbounded. Efforts to overcome it will also futile. Mr. Ramamoorthy has exception. ”

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“Revathi foundation is really a great organisation that has been working all the time to develop the students. It has donated books, stationery, clothes, food and other necessary needy things to the poor students.”

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